18 novembre 2008


di Roberto Maurizio


The EPAM is a company that works in the fields of press, audiovisual production, publishing and culture, in order to promote on the one hand, the Italo -Arab co-operation and on the other hand, the Euro - Mediterranean dialogue. To achieve these goals, we undertake extensive research deepned on the common history, in close collaboration with the university and research centers as well as publishing houses based in Arab countries, Europe and Canada.In addition, the activity related to the press being the core of the EPAM, the management has installed an Editorial and Scientific Council whose main task is to accompany and assist the drafting in order to carry out magazines specialized in reference.

The editorial adventure, the risk and the initiative, constitute the base of our personality. Our project was born, of the singular vision having for ambition to enrich the media in Italy and at the international level. In this purpose, the Publisher hires four publications, two monthly, one Italian and the second in french. Il Raggio, discusses the unique cooperation between Italy and Arab and Mediterranean. As the Magazine TOUT Dans le monde arabe & Europe, because of its content, is also the first magazine devoted mainly to the cooperation Euro Arabic with a vision of balance between the two entities, namely the European Union and the Arab League. The two other publications undertaken by the group, both bi-monthly, Diplomazia & sicurezza regionale highlights the high diplomacy and its fallout on regional security without neglecting the great themes that involve both the north and south in a dialogue rather than monologue. EDSN,énergie défense & sécurité nucléaire, and the bimonthly, specializes in energy issues, defence and nuclear power.

Il Raggio The first monthly of cooperation, which recalls its content in its importance and its need both bilateral and multilateral. Il raggio presents articles and analyses focusing mainly on political dialogue, economic and cultural development. It provides a structure that allows the various arguments to complete each other.It is an area of a condictory debate Our editorial line, specifies in the popularization of all subjects of common interest. Giving to our magazine, a modest role in building a specific and strategic partnership between Italy and the Arab world. The editorial staff aims to contribute to development on both the regional and international levels.


A monthly that decrypts the current arabic and European political and economic news.Its contents are articulated primarily around the Euro-arabic cooperation which must falls under concrete actions, to allow the policies of the Arab League and the European Union to evolve within a balanced framework.Its content is based mainly around the Euro-arabic cooperation, which must inscribe into contret actions is concrete action to enable it to the policies of the Arab League and the European Union to evolve in a balanced framework. The editorial highlights the regional perspectives, economic, political and cultural characteristics of both entities. It analyzes the political appointments and other events in each country. In each issue, the writing presents a case handled in several articles. The Monthly is a veritable medium support to serve the cooperation.

The international bimonthly speciality is the expression of a new professional frontier . Unquestionably, it seeks the goal and ambition to become the platform for all actors in the geopolitical and geo-economic issues relating to energy, defence and nuclear power. In each issue a team of researchers decrypts all confrontations in the world, they focused on changing the material and spiritual which generate them, on military forms that it does takes. Because of the extreme raised from the latter component, the team of specialists examines the issues around the security policies against the growing threats of terrorism, nuclear proliferation. With a sense of journalistic enterprise, to better understand the strategies related to nuclear safety.In this context, it attaches particular importance to regional groupings. The Magazine does not liable to any singular commitment , it is subordinate to any political forum normative transigera but not compromise on any values of peace and regional or international security, that based its personality.

Diplomazia & Sicurezza Regionale

The Diplomacy and Regional Security remain closely linked, they are complementary and even indispensable to one another. Obviously, the Regional Security as prescribed in the Treaty of Lisbon contributes to preventing threats of any kind, military or non-military potential or actual reported. In this perspective, the formula Diplomazia & Sicurezza Regionale, based on the phenomenon susceptible to exceed the European and Italian borders, a team of professionals and specialists in diplomacy and security deal in this bimonthly, as relations Bilateral and multilateral within an international system. The Agenda's content is vast, it decrypts the role of international organizations, offers a substantive debate on what constitutes a central element of stability and peace, namely, the regional political security, international terrorism but also issues related to ecology and food security.

Our Team

Mrs Meryem Benchenane Director
Mr Roberto Maurizio Publications Manager
Mr Enrico La Rosa Publications Manager
Mr Mouloud Achour Executive DirecteurAnnual Publications
Mrs Leyla Aboura Central Manager of the editorial Editor in chief of Annual publications
Mr Mario Baccianini Editor in chief
Mr Paolo Boldrini General secretary of drafting

Presenting the Arab world in all its aspects and its specific socio-cultural, political, economic and media. The dialogue with the Arab world is primarily better find out. The EPAM through its activities promotes the Italian-Arab partnership by establishing an area of debate in a spirit of tolerance, solidarity and respect. To better preserve the harmonious relationship, EPAM, commits a series of sector activity, but confused, involving actors, civil society, business, media and politics. Hence the organization of four events as important as indispensables.

The Arabic Festival
It will take place every two years in Rome, An event which gathers several activities, conferences, book fair, exhibitions, fashion, culinary art as well as Concerts & Entertainment. Within each edition, the country which will have the honor is designated according to the regional and the international context. The Festival aims to be a true bridge between Italy and the Arab world, in order to reinforce the cooperation, the partnership and the solidarity between our two peoples.

Conferences & Seminars
It is a bimonthly appointment centered primarily on the economic aspect, which will be organized in close collaboration with the Arabic diplomatic corps accredited in Rome.It is a medium of exchange of debate among the different actors in the world of business, according to the needs and partnership agreements between Italy and Arab countries.By participating in this timely event, the companies will combine their image to that of EPAM which wants to be a group of press in the service of the cooperation.

Parliamentary Dinner
The increasing perception of the regional and International dimension on the issues at hand, the proliferation of the conflicts and the nuclear power threats, but not only…. Feed and fuel the public opinion and the decision makers' policy. In this context, the parliamentary dinner, is not only an encounter between law makers and the press to analyze and understand the stakes of the situation prevailing in the world but further more Parliamentarians and Journalists will have an obligation to reflect, to suggest then to launch together a project as a platform for a balance between the various regional entities, particularly the Arab League and the European Union, in their international context, debate dinner which will be dyed every two months.

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